Thursday, 19 March 2009

New bench-mark plus great blog gadget!

Hi everyone!

Came across a new blog gadget/widget recently which tracks visitors to your site or sites simply, quickly and free! In fact it's the simplest quickest visitor-tracker I've seen.

But first...

The best List-Builders. They work for me so they should work for you too!
As I surf through the extreme hype and confusion that often revolves around list-builder websites I try to run some serious analysis on which ones rock and which ones suck.

In order to do this for the last 18 months or so I've used a data capture page (squeeze page) linking to one of my e-lottery eBooks. Using this I can create an accurate record of the success or otherwise of a particular list-builder making direct comparisons with others.

The opt-in rate over the last 6 months has been on average around 4 per day. I realised I needed to increase this in order to make analysis more accurate.

With this in mind and coupling it with my passion for ViralNetworks (please watch the short movie-clip to see why I'm so excited about VN) I have created a new data capture page using the VN eBook I recently created 'Make It Pay: ViralNetworks'.

I'm happy to report that the opt-in rate has been far higher and as a result I can bring you an up-to-date analysis showing exactly which list-builders are working well and the ones (that I've tested) that aren't! There's a surprise here!

This graph is taken directly from my Aweber account this morning:-

Ignore the largest bar which represents my existing VN downline - all the others are list-builders that I use to promote my VN eBook.

You may not be able to see the list-builder names running along the bottom so the accompanying table is shown below.

The results have surprised me I have to say because I didn't expect to see Business World List at the top but they only just beat ListJumper by 1!

To summarise and to place in ascending order - i.e. highest options first, giving the number of verified opt-ins:-

Business World List
ListJumper 16
ListJoe 12
ListAuction 10
ListBandit 5
YourLuckyList 1
X-FactorAds 1
ListQuik 1
ViralNugget 1

Total of 74 verified opt-ins in just 6 days from these 9 list-builders.

Incidentally, ViralNugget hasn't yet been reviewed here - it's still under test but it's interesting that it appears in the dynamic Top 9.

There are many others that as yet haven't scored at all so the 9 featured here simply are the best of what's out there according to my information.

So if you're promoting anything online and you're not using all of these then I would definitely recommend you open an account for those you're missing. You can join each for free but I have taken the best upgrade in each in order to maximise my online activities.

These figures increase daily by the way so we will see others appearing in the not too distant future so I'll keep you posted and don't forget if you want me to test a list-builder that's working for you please check the full list in Blog Titles at the bottom of the main blog (click here if viewing this post as an email or RSS feed) and write a comment at the bottom of this post with your link. Thank you.

If you missed the March 5th blog post about my ViralNetworks eBook and Secret File please click here

The only list-builder I can't include here, of course, is ViralNetworks itself - which is proving to be an excellent way to build a list of serious entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that could well be your next sign-up or sale.

So if you don't yet have a VN account please open a free one here ViralNetworks and then grab the eBook and Secret File which will show you how (nay - practically force you!) to get paid by VN just for using their website every month! That's cool! That's unique! The upgrade options again give you much more scope in maximising efforts. I went in as Gold and will upgrade to Elite shortly.

Here's the eBook but don't forget you need to have a VN account before you can use it! 'Make It Pay: ViralNetworks'

Stats Gadget
I just installed this on all my blogs because it's just so good! Takes just a few minutes to set it up and you can check your visitor stats straightaway for all your websites and blogs right in the same window. There's a lot more that comes with it too but unless you're a big user (and I mean BIG user) it's all for free

Catch you all soon and if you ever have any questions about VN and my eBook please send me an IMail (Internal email within VN) and I'll answer straightaway.


  1. Hi Paul, Richard here from Oz. Superb info Paul I like the stats for your website and it is quite comprehensive service on visitor information. Thanks for the heads up on this one and I do have to visit VN more often and get things cracking there as well. Glad to see some spring coming your way where still warm in Australia but dont know for how long. Next month will tell.
    Thanks again

  2. :-)
    Just popped over from VN to say hello. Nice blog, have a great day, Linda

  3. Hello to fellow VN'ers Richard Dacker & Linda Corby.

    Thanks for visiting and thanks for commenting!

    And if you're reading this and you're not a VN'er yet - you're missing a lot of fun, a lot of connection to like-minded souls and sack fulls of money!

  4. hey paul its tom just dropping into your blog to say hi. This blog is a little more interesting then my gamer blog.

  5. You said if we have a List Builder that works to let you know, so please take a minute to see and look at the video at the bottom. It not only gets me all the help I need to build a common list, but puts money in my pocket too.



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