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April 2011 Pyjama Income update

What's it all about?
NeoBux is a Paid-to-Click website where anyone can join for free, click just 4 ads each day and earn money! Money which is instantly available and paid straight into your PayPal or AlertPay account at the click of a button.

However, stating that 'NeoBux is a Paid-to-Click website' is giving it a grave misjustice because it's simply the best Paid-To-Click website out there and will continue to be so for many years I'm sure. It's professionally, honestly and ethically run by a team of dedicated entrepreneurs who are hell-bent in making sure that NeoBux is not only the best today, but for well into the future too!

And that's not just me saying that - I didn't even know what a PTC site was and did till January this year but before I joined I did my due diligence and discovered that practically no-one has anything bad to say about them! And I tell you what;- that's really refreshing when you're looking at online 'businesses' these days! Just try it yourself; simply google NeoBux and scroll through the pages (not just page one) and you'll find recommendations that glow like a belisher beacon!

Like everything in life there's a right way and a wrong way to run your NeoBux account. Get it wrong and it won't work for you! Get it right and you could be earning two or three grand every month. Not a fortune I know, but I think once you get into it and understand how it all works you'll be saying what I've been saying for the last few months and that is; NeoBux is the simplest way to make money online. And here's what I find especially refreshing; you don't have to recruit others to make money! So why am I telling you all about it here today if I don't want you to join me?

You follow my Global Web Traffic blog and I get a buzz out of sharing genuine, workable online businesses with my friends, acquaintances and colleagues. And I know you'll do the same for me whenever you find something that you've worked on for a few months and made money from.

Hold on! Before you start bombarding me with all the biz opps you can find just to get me onboard and earn from me as your referral, please note that I'm not interested in joining any business that depends on recruiting others! For at least the next twelve months I'm investigating other types of income-generators and businesses that DON'T rely on dragging in my friends, Auntie Doris, Uncle Jack, and Cousin Rupert along with the cat, dog and goldfish before I can earn a penny!

If I was remotely tempted down that route (and I don't see that happening any time soon!)  the product would have to come first! Have you, like me, found so many new so-called businesses these days that rely firstly on recruiting with a clever commission scam (sorry plan!) before the owners have even considered what the product may be? And when they finally release the details you find that it's just another endless stream of highly-priced nonsensical and regurgitated 'digital products' that you can get for free anyway if you just google around!

You know what I mean!

So I'm concentrating, focusing and yes... enjoying my time with NeoBux.

So... I'm NOT recruiting!
However, once you've joined (for free don't forget) you'll see that you can actually earn a little bit more by recommending others if you want to, but that's not the way to make the real money with NeoBux. That's done by using the rental process. Rather than explain everything here my advice would be to join by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post, then take a look through the FAQ's, go to Help at the bottom of the Home Page and also take a look at the Forum. It's buzzing!

The forum actually is the place where I've learnt the most and built my strategy from.

Then click the 4 ads (there may be 5) and you'll see your earnings immediately applied. This is actual withdrawable cash. OK it's only a few cents and you certainly won't want to be cashing out at that level, but stick with me on this. Earning from your own clicks is just a tiny tiny part of the earning potential here!

Just as a note here about recommending others; yes - the banner below carries my referral link and if you join, you will be placed under me and I might make a few more pennies BUT if you're not comfortable with that, and to prove to you that this is not where I make the most money with NeoBux, then please go to the main home page at and join there, where you'll be placed under another referrer. I don't mind at all. Believe me... recruiting is NOT what this is about but by joining under me it's easier for us all to share our experiences and pass on hints and tips to each other through this blog. Together we can all build great NeoBux incomes! But it's your choice - by all means join through if you wish.

Making NeoBux work for you advice, based on my experience so far, is to simply try out the system for free and prove to yourself that it works before you even consider taking it any further. I know that I can listen to any number of people telling me how great something is but until I try it myself I know I won't be convinced. I prefer to trust my own judgement than someone else's. My guess is that you're the same. Am I right?

So here's what I would suggest:-

1. Join for free
2. Click the ads every day until you've accrued $2
3. Rent 3 referrals from your $2
4. Follow the forum and take note of what the successful people are saying
5. Build the business, invest the money earned into more rented referrals.
6. Once you're happy with the system and you've proved that it works, consider upgrading to a Golden Member - this is where it starts to get very exciting!

One little word of caution
If you're desperate to make a shed load of money in the next 30 days don't even bother joining NeoBux. This takes time, but if you can give it time, devoting just 5 minutes on the website per day, I know you'll see the true potential and you will, with patience and diligence, eventually be earning that grand or two every month

That's it for today, it's my intention to update this blog at irregular intervals to share with you my progress and my strategies. I currently have 481 Rented Referrals and adding more each week, investing and re-investing as I go. Although I could have cashed out at anytime I've chosen to use the earnings for the time being to build the business. Cashout comes later!

Today's conclusion and the bigger picture
So...if you feel just a little inspired, excited or just plain curious, consider joining me today and find out why I'm so hooked on NeoBux! And here's a great tip: when you start to understand what NeoBux is - open your mind, try to see the bigger picture and my guess is that a little light will switch on in your head. You'll then suddenly see the true potential. A potential that, in just 3 years since its inception, has paid out $40 million to its members! And that's phenomenal!

Catch you all soon...

Paul e Watts

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