Thursday, 5 March 2009

ViralNetworks - My Secret File...

Hi everyone

Just a quick post to give you the link for my new eBook released just a couple of hours ago to my ViralNetworks downline through VN's internal mail system.

This eBook explains how a secret file I created 2 months ago has been the reason for my appearance in VN's Top 25 chart and hence a payout every month.

Now it's out! But just to people who follow me on this blog, VN downline members, Twitter followers and email contacts.

For those who aren't aware; Viral Networks is the playground for Internet Marketers but it's also a great place to learn the ropes from the professionals. Lots of tips and advice from people who are making money and lots of it with their online activities.

If you're not already a member then why not open a FREE account right now and find out what all the fuss is about. The link for the eBook and secret file will then help you to get paid by ViralNetworks just by following a set plan which revolves around performing a few simple tasks on the website.

All this will make so much more sense when you download the FREE eBook - so here's the link:-

Grab your FREE account now and make use of my eBook within minutes...



  1. Hi paul
    have you seen this list builder i have joined and have a list of 300 already

  2. Thanks Mike - will check this out shortly and if it looks as good as you say it is then I'll join you.

    If in tests it then proves to be working for me then I'll publish the details here.

    Make sure you follow this blog (email or RSS - see top right of blog)to get the updates.



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