Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The spring is about to burst...

Bed-springs, pogo-sticks or watch-mechanisms?

None of those! Here in the UK we're just a few days away from Spring. The air is warmer, the snow has all disappeared and there are tiny signs of life.

Yesterday saw a bright and cheerful sun inviting me to go for a walk, so after doing my ViralNetworks DMO (still my favourite list-builder/business network) I switched off the lap-top packed my rucksack and headed off for Lodge Hill, the fields below and the woods beyond - not forgetting the pub, of course, for a quick pint and bowl of hot pea & ham soup. Refreshing and delicious!

I was pleased to find that after one of the harshest winters for a couple of decades over here in the UK there are signs - little signs - that the winter is closing in and spring is being heralded - March 20 is the official day and I for one - as much as I love winter - can't wait!

Spring is the time of year when housewives traditionally clean their houses from top to bottom. Many Internet Marketers tend to do something similar - I've certainly been clearing debris out old folders, dumping pics no longer needed and generally spring-cleaning the hard-drive.

The winter programme with the Wrekin Forest Volunteers is now coming to a close as we finish off hedge-laying, brash clearing and bridge-building. Yes! We built a fabulous bridge over a stream with accompanying steps - quite impressive I think you'll find - take a look at the latest post on my Wrekin Forest Volunteers Blog You can also find out why Brian went bananas, what I do on Friday nights and what this all has to do with a female River Thames Aerobic group!

And so to work...
One of the other tasks I've been working on is to present you with another list-builder but to be perfectly honest out of all the ones I've tested over that past few weeks none has inspired me enough to post about it. And as I'm sure you know;- nothing sees the light of day here unless I've proved to myself that it works - that goes for biz-opps, list-builders and the occasional Traffic-exchange.

So if you're using anything not listed here please leave a comment below with your link and I'll test it out. All comments are moderated by the way so your link will not be published. BUT... I'll join under you and if my tests prove that it's viable then I'll use your link to start to build a downline under you - so check out all the posts right at the bottom of the blog for previous reviews and send me a link in comments below this post if you think you have something I might be interested in. Plus... if you've sent me a link before and your list-builder hasn't appeared here yet please send me an update - let me know if it's proving successful for you and I'll revisit it.

Oh yes... before I forget if you'd like to see a short movie of my spring walk accompanied by a piece of fab lively piano music take a couple of minutes out...

Catch you all soon, thanks for following and if you're new here please make sure you subscribe to the blog via email or RSS (top-right of blog) for updates of list-builders, Internet income ideas, blog monetisation and various insights into where my time-freedom takes me!


  1. Hi Paul,

    Great blog as always, below is a link that I signed up for today. Thoughtn you might be interested.

    It is billed as a Video LIST Builder.
    Amazing value and concept.

    Well worth a look and its FREE!
    (they try to upsell you on registration, but
    simply scroll to the bottom and click on the
    free option. (Simple sign up- no money or detsails)

    Easy peasy way for anyone to put video on a blog,
    site email, etc and you can offer it for free.

    Built in Video Capture pages complete with autoresponders all free.

    Even if you do not value it as a list builder a
    interesting bit of kit, and you could simply use it as an incentive for people to join your existing

    Well worth a look.

    Hope this helps.



    ps was looking forward to watching your "spring "
    video, alas it was not working.

  2. Message to Robert Coggin: Thank you for your list-building link and your positive comments re the blog. I will be testing out your suggestion in due course.

  3. Thanks Paul,
    I have taken a walk like that over here in Maryland, USA , it's like Mother Nature is rejoycing. Like the music also.


  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  5. Thank you for you positive comments Kaylee. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

  6. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.





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