Monday, 17 August 2009

Just launched

Hi everyone!

I rarely post a review of a list-builder here until I've had the chance to thoroughly test it out but here's an exception to my rule...

A new one launched last Tuesday (Aug 11) that has already started to set my primary business on fire - in fact it's so hot it's burning my fingers! 34 new Affiliates to my e-lottery business in just 5 days! So I thought I'd better get this post to you straightaway so you can take advantage of this new dynamic system that will promote ANY online business from anywhere in the world.

It comes from Mike Purvis, a highly successful and well-regarded Internet guru who launched ListAuction 12 months ago which still continues to bring in new business for me on a regular basis. I was so impressed with the website and concept that I accepted an invitation to do a Joint Venture with Mike and it looks like it was an excellent decision! It's really rocking!

So my advice, if you have anything online to promote at all (if not - don't go away just yet!), click the link below and join for free. If you're presented with a one-time-offer and are serious about your online business - Go For Gold and really set things on fire!

Catch you all later

Paul e Watts

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