Monday, 28 September 2009

Results Update

Now using a new bench-mark to test list-builders. 'Campaign Manager' is free software available to all Affiliates (including free members) of my primary business.

So I thought I'd test Campaign Manager out to track hits to all the list-builders I use. The landing page I selected was the Affiliate Viral System

My first test proved that Campaign Manager worked extremely well and produced these results showing which list-builders are currently pulling in the most hits from this new bench-mark:-


My Recommendation:- if you're promoting anything at all online and you're not using all of these list-builders you're almost certainly losing sales or sign-ups! Just click the links above to open an account. All have free memberships but if you see a special deal my advice would be to grab it! I've joined all the above at the top-entry level in order to maximise my results. And they all work extremely well. Much of my success online is due to list-builders!




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