Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Odd title for the post you might think? And for a blog specialising in tips for driving traffic to websites and monetising your own blog you'll probably find this pic even crazier!

I'll explain by quickly telling you how this post came about.

First thing this morning when I switched on my laptop I discovered a new way to make money with a blog so before I did anything I got straight in. Expecting perhaps a 30 minute slog I was amazed to discover it took around 4 minutes to set it up - it's now running on this blog right now as we speak and is already bringing in results!

I then answered my emails, had breakfast, did a spot of reading and then decided to cook a spicy goulash with pimento for our evening meal tonight. It was whilst preparing the red pepper I realised that the post I had planned to write (which was VN - more later) was about to be superseded by the CB post just popping in to my head - and so it developed.

I know, I know - you've no idea what I'm taking about!
Sorry! Fact is when I discover new ways to drive traffic to blogs and websites or a way to add extra income to online activities I want to tell people about it as soon as I've proved that it works! That's why Global Web Traffic was created - to share my successes and ideas with people who have elected to follow my sometimes weirdly diverse and rambling blog posts!

So the CB in the title refers to ClickBank's new HopAd Builder. Simple idea but pure genius! We've all heard of Google Adsense and many of us use it to monetise our blogs (you'll see mine in the sidebar and at the bottom). ClickBank's new baby is similar but with a great twist:- instead of Google paying you (peanuts!) when people click an ad, when someone clicks a ClickBank ad and subsequently purchases the advertised product - and there are simply thousands of products - then you're paid a commission for 'selling' the product! How cool is that?

All you need is a ClickBank Account (click here to open one) and about 4 spare minutes and it's up and running. Oh - you need a blog or website as well of course but I guess that goes without saying - so I won't say it! Oops - I did!

I love ClickBank anyway - it just runs around in the background without me even considering how hard it's working and then every now and then it spews out a check (UK: cheque) which a few days later pops through my letterbox - and without exception this always comes as a complete surprise to me. It's just brilliant!

But this latest addition - HopAd Builder - just makes any blog even more monetised! And it really is very simple to do. Here's how it took just 4 minutes this morning to set it up...

I logged into my ClickBank account, went to Account Settings and then clicked on HopAd Builder

chose one of the two styles

and in a couple of clicks I was presented with a bit of javascript.

I simply copied that to my clipboard (Ctrl C)
Opened up my blogger account
Clicked Layout / Add a Gadget on the Sidebar
Selected the HTML/Javascript gadget
Pasted in my ClickBank javascript (Ctrl V)

Job done! Highly recommended! The ads were showing instantly (You'll see the white skyscraper panel on the right - click the main heading above to go the blog if you don't see the SideBar)!

So that's the CB (ClickBank) reference in the title so what, you may ask, is the VN for?
Well... it's a free eBook I've written that will help downline members of ViralNetworks to make money every month by simply logging in to their account and performing a few simple actions. I'll have to leave that for another post though because I have to get back to the kitchen to pop the red pepper into the goulash - smell is divine!

So I'll catch you in about 48 hours with the VN post. I know many of you are already members but if you're new to this blog you'll need to open up a free account before the soon-to-be-released eBook will make any sense -

To ensure you get the alert please subscribe to this blog by email alert or RSS feed (see top of blog).

Catch you all in 48 hours!


  1. Paul,
    Thank you for the tips. I like the way you have monetized your blog.
    Here is a List-Builder I joined on 2/18/09, which has grown to 4,629 without me doing anything to help it.

  2. I've used only adsense ads in my blog until now. I will follow your advice - I think it is a good way make money!

  3. I created a plugin for Wordpress users to ad Hopads to their posts. You don't even need to figure out the keywords. It uses tags from the the post. Oh, and it's free.



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