Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New Review & Mucklewick Walk

Great new review of a list-builder on test but first...

Remember a couple of posts ago when I was waxing lyrical about unusual village names I came across whilst walking in West Yorkshire, UK? You know, like Lumbutts and Mankinholes?!

Well... some of you may know that I'm involved with the Wrekin Forest Volunteers who go out one day each week (come rain - come shine) to help maintain many of Shropshire's Nature Reserves and wild places. The group is run by Shropshire Wildlife Trust and when I was last over at the Trust's shop in Shrewsbury I came across a leaflet for The Mucklwick Walk.

It transpires that no-one I know has heard of this so I set out one day last week to follow the route and what a fabulous walk it is too. It's only about 6 miles but it takes in the tops of The Stiperstones hill range and Mucklewick Hill itself affording wonderful views over the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

It's a gentle circular starting out from the admittedly unattractive sounding 'The Bog' which is the name of a tiny hamlet but back in circa 1900 it was a very industrious mining centre.

The waymarked path meanders through woods, fields, dingles, tops and lanes and is truly magical. Let me know if you fancy doing it anytime and I'll meet up with you. I realise this is not necessarily worthy of a trip from the States or Ozzie Land etc but if you're somewhere in the middle of the UK then it's well worth a trip!

The summit of Mucklewick Hill

It's one of the great privileges of owning your own Internet business, the freedom to go where you want when you want. I tend to walk out on Monday's when there's hardly anyone else about. I used to HATE Monday's. Now they're just great!

And so to business...
For several weeks now I've been rigorously testing out another List-Builder thanks to a business associate of mine from New Zealand - Dianne Kneller - who was the first to send me a link.

Launched around 12 months ago, and that's good to start with, as many fail within 6 months! This one, however, looks like it's here to stay! It just keeps getting better. The reason I've held back on pushing this to the blog is that I've been waiting for a solo ad to run. Now that's happened I can report back.

It's called Revenue Magic and I'm sure many of you have heard of it - but have you tried it? I mean... really tried it?! Can I tell you what I found out?

It's a very professional looking site that looks 'cared for'. With over 14,000 members it's no small-fry - this means when you advertise your program, potentially 14,000 members will see it and because there's an earnings incentive attached members have been paid $126,059.75 to date.

What is also impressive about Revenue Magic is that the website is ranked by Alexa at 58, 867 (I just checked this) which is very high for a list-builder, especially one that is only 12 months old.

There are loads of helpful short video clips to show you what to do for each of the advertising elements so you're never left thinking 'Ok, what do I do now'. Don't know about you but that happens to me so many times with other list-builders and traffic exchanges! There are also regular webinars featuring training and important updates. All-in-all, its owners are there to help members make money and they seem determined to do whatever it takes to make that happen! Refreshing! Very refreshing!

So how does it work? You purchase points through Ad Packages which can be used in a variety of ways. I purchased 1 x Copper & Steel package plus an extra 3 x Steel packages. I then used these points to place Text Ads which appear on the Revenue Magic website for all members to see and I placed just one solo ad which went out to all 14,000 members.

This is what you see when you've created your free account. The Text Ads appear at the top and change as you move around the pages and every time you log in.

What I like about the Solo Ads is that only TWO emails are sent to the members each day. Which makes each email readable and far more effective than many solo ad programs. In other words it is more likely that members follow through, visit your website and join your program.

Due to the strict 2 Solo Ads per day policy when you place a Solo Ad it sits in a queue which you can check each day and watch your own ad move up the list:-

This is how the Solo Ad queue table looks.

You have to be prepared to wait for your ad to be sent but you'll see results when it finally goes!

On this example you will see the advertiser on the bottom has to wait 18 days, each day he/she will move up a slot as 2 more Solo Ads go out.

My results
Using just a couple of Text Ads and one Solo Ad through my Squeeze Page pulled in 39 new subscribers to my list. Analysis on this worked out to be the cheapest CPS (Cost Per Subscriber) at$4.20 which is nothing short of a damn good result! That's 39 new potential sign-ups for my Primary Business!

So... my suggestion would be to set up a free account with Revenue Magic (click banner below), take a look around and choose a starter package. You may find there are special offers when you join with more points for the packages you buy. I would definitely advise you take full advantage of anything you see when you first join. I know you won't regret it!

Catch you all soon

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  1. I did the Mucklewick Walk in May 2008. It is indeed a lovely walk and goes right through the area where my ancestors lived in the 1800s - Mucklewick. Very picturesque walk. I lost the trail a few times and ended up in the middle of sheep herds.



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