Monday, 15 December 2008

Do you blog?

Are you a blogger?
If not, why not start a blog today? Use a subject that you're interested in. A hobby for instance. Or maybe something to do with your work. Or a sport you like. Anything that interests you will interest others. That's a fact!

There are just 3 simple steps to creating a blog. The real work, however, comes after that!

For this blog I have used Google's It's one of the easiest to use.

Marketing but not blogging?
If you're doing any kind of Internet Marketing you're missing out on loads more traffic to your websites and therefore money if you don't have your own blog and write regular but relevant posts.

This blog for instance is certainly not as professional as it could be but it is successful and it does help to build my list and therefore add value to my primary business. I have several blogs for different subjects but Global Web Traffic is by far the most followed. I'm not saying this by way of boast - I'm merely trying to make the point that blogging can push money to your bank account! And in many ways.

You might wonder how you get your own blog noticed amongst the millions out there and I have to admit I thought the same until a couple of years ago when I realised that if I had something to say that was of interest and I presented my thoughts clearly enough then people would follow.

Here's a thing though:
If you ever look around at some of the blogs out there you'll know that there's an awful lot of absolute dross out there! Agreed? Put yourself higher than the rubbish, post regularly with relevant and interesting content and you will get noticed. And the search engines will notice you too!

Apart from making sure my keywords for the search engines are rich in each post I use all the list-builders below to drive traffic to this blog and increase my subscriber list. I do this every day.

But how do you make money?
Here's a very short list of how bloggers make money directly or indirectly from their blogs - it's by no means definitive - there are dozens more but let's start with these few:-

* Web Form for data capture
* Own banner or ad with relevant offer (software, eBook, DVD etc)
* 3rd party Ads (e.g. Google Adsense or NetKlix )
* Link to your primary business

For this post let's take a look at the first one on the list; creating a data capture web form. If you've no idea what I mean take a look at the full blog ( if you're reading this just as a post in your email client or feedreader click the link ).

Now take a look at the green round-cornered element top right titled;-Free eBook: One Ball Less & No Lucky Stars To Match! That's my web form. If you enter your name & email address you'll receive my free eBook which leads into my primary business People join my business and I get paid commission.

Great news is I then help them to do the same. It's all about relationship building. In fact it was quite a while into my Internet Marketing sojourn before I realised that relationship-building was an integral part of all marketing online. Quite often it's subliminal, sometimes it's right in your face but it's always there. You buy a product online for example and the company will keep in touch because they want your return business. They're building relationships. Gaining trust and respect. It's so important. As I write this post I'm aiming to do the same.

What happens when details are entered into my web form?
They go straight into my Aweber account where I can perform a part of my relationship-building on autopilot through autoresponders. To set up a simple web form in a blog is very easy once you have an autoresponder such as Aweber You simply create a web form, grab the HTML code that it creates and paste it into a blogger HTML/javascript 'Gadget' and then position where you want. That's it! Job done! You're adding prospects to your list every time you write a post. This is subliminal advertising of course because you're not just sending people to your blog in order for them to sign up to get your free eBook, report or whatever but people will see it and join your list.

And, of course, if you want to see what happens when you put your own details in my 'One Ball' web form please be my guest and read my short series of follow-up emails (unsubscribe anytime by clicking the link at the bottom of any of my emails that come your way)

So today's suggestion...
If you don't have a blog and you're looking to make online money: get cracking and create one today. It's simple to set one up but then the fun and hard work begins. But stick to it, research your topic, learn as much as you can and keep posting. Add new elements as you go - don't try and do everything all at once. Take your time and slowly but surely you'll build a following of people who look forward to every post you write.

Catch up with you shortly and don't forget to have a look at my previous post's recommendation for building your list of prospects with Revenue Magic

And if you haven't purchased your El Gordo Spanish Lottery ticket yet the draw is next Monday (Dec 22nd) so only a few days left!


  1. I have 2 blogs but have not made any money from them nor have any number of people following although I have managed to be on page 1 of google and yahoo. You have given me an idea about giving away free ebooks and reports to build a list.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Cecilia, pleased to hear that I've managed to germinate a seed for you. I hope it grows and flourishes! I can certainly vouch for giving stuff away to your subscribers or prospects as a means to build relationships and rapport.

  3. Hi Paul;
    I absolutely love a lot of the stories and information on your Blog. I have one of my own but have not figured out how to offer things like Ebooks or other yet. I have bookmarked yours and if I can figure out how to add links to other peoples Blogs I would like to add a link for yours on mine.

    To Your Success;

  4. Hi Brenda, thanks for your kind words!

    You can certainly add a Global Web Traffic link to your own blog.

    There are a few ways to do this. In Google's Blogger for example go to Dashboard/Layout/Add a Gadget and select 'Blog List' or 'Link List'.

    Enter the details (, save and wallah! It appears in your sidebar or wherever you want. You can move gadgets all over the place.

    As for adding free eBooks etc perhaps I should make that a subject of another post soon? Would that be useful to anyone?

  5. Paul , I have followed your blogs and newsletters for quite a while,
    I appreciate your laid back style and like to follow your walks - very nice too) blogging is new to me (

    The free reports are the way to go
    here are a couple for your readers

    Keep up the good work.


    "Healthy Chocolate is here" -

  6. Hi Robert, thanks for your comments and feedback.

    Combining my walks and other adventures with business has always left me with a quandry: Do my blog followers like this style or best to cut the walks out?

    I'm continually encouraged that no-one has ever said 'stop doing that'. Indeed, many - like your goodself - tell me you enjoy the mix - so I'll continue!

    Off for the day now with the Wrekin Forest Volunteers do some coppicing on a local nature reserve.

  7. Paul,
    Brenda here again. Thanks for your kind suggestions and I will add a link for your Blog cause I love it! Also the suggestion you made for a future topic is a great one. I'm going to have to subscribe to this by email so I get updates....then I don't miss, AS MUCH! LOL As for List BuildersI use Million Leads have you tried it? Anyway great to hear from you again.

    Brenda Doyle-Emery

  8. Brenda, I haven't looked at Million Leads yet. Do you have a link so I can join under you?



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