Saturday, 22 November 2008

Two go live this week...

Hello everyone!

I have a very special FREE offer for you today that will help all those who may have just started out in online business and have no idea how to build a list and what to do with it when they have! We all start with a blank sheet and unfortunately many stay that way - but it doesn't have to be like that. I'm giving something away that normally costs $100 that could make you a substantial online income or dramatically increase one you may already have! This is a just a little gift to say thank you for following this blog and my recommendations. More later but first, and this all ties in of course...

There are two great list-builders that I've been testing out over the past few weeks that - if you follow this blog - you will have heard about, and hopefully are members of both. If you're not then both are free to join and you're missing out on driving targeted traffic to your website(s) if not. Both have reached a pinnacle in that they have been in pre-launch for a while and both go live this week - so my suggestion would be to get in both before the masses arrive!

Whilst working on this particular post a Skype message came in from a list member asking when the next post would be as they were 'starting to get withdrawal symptoms'! So my apologies to Jim Baines and anyone else that may have been wondering where I'd got to. Here's where I've been and what I've been doing:-

Yep! Vandalising the countryside!

Some would say I have too much time on my hands but being a life-long enthusiast of all things countryside I recently joined a group of volunteers affiliated to the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Fortunately, my lifestyle (funded entirely by my online activities btw) allows me the time and the freedom to do such things. It's great!

We regularly go to a trust wildlife site and help to maintain in a number of ways: coppicing, scrub-clearing, building and placing nest & bat boxes and surveying insect, flower, mammal activity to name but a few. The pic above shows a few of the group (The Wrekin Forest Volunteers) burning scrub in Ercall Woods. We later enjoyed potatoes wrapped in tin-foil and cooked in the ashes. Fabulous. It's funny how something so simple - the unique taste of jacket spuds cooked in an open fire - can bring back such vivid memories of childhood. Anyway, if you wanted to find out more about what we get up to - and a lot of it is just good fun I have to say - then I'm sure you'll find a way of locating my dedicated blog, many followers of this blog have shown how resourceful they can be so let me know with a comment at the bottom if you do find it!

Anyway, back to the business, back to work!

Yes - there are two great list-builders, quite different from each other and from anything else around at the moment, that are due to go live over the next few days. They are both excellent ways of driving prospects into your list and we all know where the money is:- yep! It's in the list. If you're building any online business you won't be making much headway if you're not constantly adding to your list of prospects and regularly keeping in touch with them. If you've no idea how to do this by the way why not subscribe to my email marketing course? Read on for a real special...

Today's FREE OFFER:- Free Email Marketing Course
Just for being a follower of this blog and by way of a big thank you my popular 10-part email marketing course is available to you, today, for FREE (normally $100). Grab it now before it goes for good!

You must act fast though - this is likely to be over-subscribed very quickly when I'll remove it from this post. If you want more info, or you don't mind paying (?!) you can find out more at

if you want to cut to the chase and get straight in for free click here


One of two list-builders
about to go live is List Jumper and I love this one! It's clear, it's simple and it works! I've added hundreds of new prospects to my list just by using it. And - get this - I recently jumped to List Jumpers Number One Spot! Was I impressed or what?

It's not very clear I know but it shows that there are 0 members above, 2461 below and current position is #1. I just wanted to share that with you but also to tell you how I did this. It's really very simple and anyone can do it even if you join today but before I spill the beans you might be saying 'OK Paul - big deal, so what? What does it mean if you reach #1?'

Well, it means that I can email 2000 targeted prospects every 3 days with my offers and I'm now getting sign-ups for my primary online business as a result who are now following me and doing the same!

How did I achieve this? It's really very easy;- you earn points by reading other List-Jumper emails ( just a couple each day). You then use these points to jump up the list of members. You can then email everyone below you in the list. You see, the concept is very clever;- each new member joins the list of members at the bottom but every new member joining after you becomes a target for your emails which are sent out through the List Jumper system. BUT... earn points by reading emails and you can jump up the list giving you access to a greater number of random members. As the emails sent out are low in number they do get read and people do click through, they subscribe to your list and they join your business! Brilliant! (If you can't grasp this explanation - don't worry - it's not you - it's me - and my enthusiasm. Just click the banner below and all will be revealed as they say!)

So if you're reading this and you're not in List Jumper I would definitely recommend it. And if you're already in, have you checked your 'Jump Points' recently? Just log in click 'Advertise Your Business' and then click 'Jump'. Once you've used your points to jump - send an email by again clicking 'Advertise Your Business' and then 'Send Member Mailing'. Stand back and wait for the results!

Join for free or do what I did and take the Silver Member option. You can easily get your money back by simply referring just 4 people who do the same. Referrals, by the way, apart from the commission you will earn, also create 'Jump Points'! So you win all round! I covered my outlay within a couple of days and jumped up several more places!

List Jumper is one of the best I've seen around for ages

Explode My List!


The second one is also shaping up to be a fantastic way to communicate, list-build, create worthwhile relationships with other online entrepreneurs and have fun along the way.
It's been in pre-launch for 2 or 3 months now and is going live to a small number of the membership in the next day or two. There is only one joining level and that's FREE!

I have to say that Social Networking sites like FaceBook, Bebo, MySpace etc are not something that really rock my boat - in fact I just don't get it! To me they're one of the biggest online time-wasters out there but millions enjoy it so it must just be me I guess, or do you feel the same?

Anyway Viral Networks is more business related and is growing at a phenomenal rate so again if you're not a member, just create a free account today and discover a refreshing new way to build your business.

I have already qualified to be a part of the exciting launch this week so if you're a member I will try to keep you posted on developments (unless qualifiers have to sign a non-disclosure or something but I doubt it).

Anyway, that's it for this post!

My recommendation is to join List Jumper for free or better:- Silver Membership (don't take the more expensive Gold Membership as there are no real benefits just yet over the Silver option) and Viral Networks and be in right at the start of this new and exciting Business Network.


Catch you all soon - got to dash now - the Wrekin Forest Volunteers are putting up bat-boxes today!


  1. Thank you all for posting your list-builder suggestions. You won't see your comments posted here 'cause I moderate them but rest assured I review every one that comes my way provided I haven't looked at it before. It will be your link that I use when testing and if it proves succesful you could well see a downline building under you in a few weeks time! NO BIZ-OPPS PLEASE! Only list-builders that are working for you!

  2. I actually found your blog through ListJumper. :-)

    You mentioned that if we knew of a list builder that was not listed to let you know.

    ListDomino is EXACTLY like ListJumper, as a matter of fact I would bet that is is the same people that own it.

    Here is my link to ListDomino if you would like to give it a spin for yourself.

    Another that just launched yesterday and you don't have listed is X-Factor Ads.

    In just 20 minutes of joining i have well over 15 referrals with just one mailing (list of 95 recipiants)

    Thanks for all the useful info on your blog!

  3. I found your blog through ListJumper. :-)

    There are a couple of sites I think worth looking as as well.

    ListDomino is EXACTLY like ListJumper and if I didn't know any better I would say it is the same owners.

    Also X-Factor Ads is a brand new one that launched on December 18th. In just one mailing I got a really good response.

  4. Hi Scott, thanks for your ListDomino recommendation. I did look at it before and pushed it aside. On the strength of what you say, however, I'll run a test and review using your link.

    If it performs well you'll see a downline building under you.

    And you're right btw it comes from the same stable as ListJumper:- owners Darren Olander and Matt Koshko

  5. Scott - sorry I forgot to mention your other link for X-factor ads (topical name!) so same applies re test, review and downline. Haven't seen this one yet. Cheers!



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