Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Do you Twitter?


Well... I signed up for Twitter a long time ago - probably when it first kicked off and I rarely used it. It just didn't fire me up at all.


After much furore from my peers and associates I've recently been re-discovering this very simple yet dynamic social networking site - practically everyone I know online seems to be using it.

Unlike Facebook, My Space etc etc you don't have to wade knee deep through warm treacle trying to find your way through all the gadgets, gizmos and gunk. Twitter revolves around one simple concept, one simple question 'What are you doing' and you answer as often as you like; weekly, daily, hourly using just 140 characters max each post.

Why Twitter?

Rapport and relationship-building equals valuable prospects who grow to trust and respect you - and some will join your business

The thing is - whilst delving a little deeper into the Twitter revolution I've realised something that makes me want to turn right round and kick myself: I've been missing out on FREE traffic to my blogs and websites! How could I have poo-poohed this and totally passed it by? Maybe because it just seemed so silly! Why would I want to tell others what I was up to? Why would anyone? Except perhaps thousands of teenagers with nothing better to do with their time than chitter chatter with mindless enthusiasm?

Who uses Twitter?
The thing is - Twitter is now used by millions all over the world who are really just there to connect to others and I'm making great new friends with people with similar interests all over the globe. And my Twitter friends are not like the faceless so-called 'friends' that you find in the already established and major social networking sites - they're people who seem genuinely interested in me which makes me become interested in them.

But it's not just connection on a very personal one-to-one scale - huge companies and establishments use Twitter to keep in touch with their customers and their employees and I find that just so mind-blowing.

Many famous celebrities use Twitter and post regularly - so if you follow them you'll see what they're doing, where they're going even before the tabloids do! That's cool! I've been following Stephen Fry for a couple of weeks now - he's touring around at the moment using his iphone to post his twitters; he's been to LA and now in New Zealand and when I switched my PC on this morning I had an email to inform me that Stephen was now following me so he receives all my updates.

I've also found myself following Jonathan Ross. I know, I know! He's found himself somewhat chastised of late but it's kinda interesting to catch his comments. He's currently in Florida enjoying the big rides and sunshine.

To me - the celeb thing is the lighter side of twitter - the fun side.

What can I do with this?
So I found myself thinking ' how can I use this to build my prospect list?'. So I looked around, I listened to scores of audio messages and watched loads of videos all presented by people who were using Twitter for commercial rewards and one thing is now very clear to me; Twitter is an awesome communication tool. You just need to look beyond the 'What are you doing?' thing and use the question to build relationships.

If you go right out and blast several updates a day with 'Join my business now' you'll find so many people blocking you that your new found 'friends' will desert you quicker than an ice cream melts in a microwave!

Have fun and build a following of people who follow because they find you interesting, funny, cool etc.

Join and try it out - it's totally free!
So... my recommendation is to join Twitter if you haven't already done so, or if, like me, you've been a member for some time and not really used it - go on a little foray and re-explore. It really is quite a pleasant experience.

Just go to http://twitter.com and if you're interested in following me just click 'Find People' at the top and type in my username - paulewatts - click 'Follow' and we'll be connected! You'll then be able to see how I use it. Yesterday's Superman post has brought in an incredible amount of new followers - not sure how though - maybe they were people who were just interested in Superman - I don't know but they are all new people now following and connected to me. That's just so fab! Once you've found me click on 'Updates' to see the Superman post and all the other stuff I've been posting recently.

Use the same 'Find People' link to send invites to all the people in your web-based email account and the 'Search' facility at the bottom of the home page to find people with the same interests, or the same area geographically, or celebrities, Internet marketers, network marketers etc etc.

I would be interested to hear any comments you may have about Twitter. I love feedback. Just click comments below.

Catch you all soon - on Twitter?


  1. Good article it is always good to give your own opinion/experience.

    If you have a Twitter account and use Wordpress, why not combined the two.

    With Tweet My Blog you can have your posts on your blog tweeted to Twitter.

  2. Thanks Edward - cool post. It's a great way to keep in touch on autopilot by tweeting your blog posts and reciprocally blogging your tweets.

    You'll see my tweets appearing in the sidebar as they happen. My posts are also tweeted.

    But I use Blogger for this blog not WordPress and link in using http://twitterfeeds.com

    Works the same as Tweet My Blog except you're not restricted to just WordPress.

    However, Tweet My Blog is an affiliate program that looks really good so I may join you Edward!



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