Tuesday, 6 January 2009

ViralNetworks - another look...

Hello everyone and a somewhat belated Happy New Year to one and all.

And gosh - is it cold or what over here in the UK? Minus 10 last night in some places! And just to prove it - here's a shot of a Shropshire Hill a few minutes from our front door:

My focus for building relationships and my business over Christmas and the icy New Year has predominantly been with just two websites; Twitter and ViralNetworks with far more time spent with ViralNetworks since its full launch.

I just think it's amazing! Now that it's live we can all see what an awesome tool this is for building any online business. And you can also earn from VN whilst you're doing that! That's got to be a true Win-Win situation.

The idea is you look around at the thousands of members, connect with those you want to, show them your business, upload pics and videos, leave comments, join in the forum, send mesages and earn credits along the way. Credits can then transform into hard cash as part of the Revenue Share Pool. That's even before we start to talk about what happens if we refer a few others too!

There's a great community over there and I guess this post is attempting to preach to the converted as I'm sure practically everyone reading this will already be a member - but if you have any sort of online business and you're not at least a free member then you're definitely missing one of the biggest tricks in online business of this decade.

So for the few who are not in I would respectfully suggest that you at least join for free, but if you're a serious player then you'll want to upgrade. As a Gold Member for example you can email 30,000 random members every month! To call them 'random members' is a grave misjustice though; they are serious online marketers like myself who always seem to have their doors open to listen to what other members have to offer. I've joined 3 new programs already this year after connecting with like-minded people!

It's a truly great community - come on in and have a look around. There are some fab videos and here's a cool thing; every time you view one, you gain more credits!

If you like; start by searching for me and then connecting so you can see some of the ways that I use this fascinating website. Just join, login, go to Community and enter paulewatts into the Search field.

You can find people in your own area, or search for countries, Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, traffic cone collectors (actually I haven't tried that one!), just about everyone you ever wanted to connect with is waiting for you to say hello!


See you there!


Just click and join

Catch you all soon...

Oh... before I go - you may want to grab an entry for this Friday's EuroMillions - it's a £50,000,000 jackpot! e-lottery have the best deal in the world as the 2 Lucky Stars are guaranteed to match!


  1. Hello Paul,

    I love your blog, its very nice.
    I love twitter and Viral networks, I love building relationships and connecting with others.
    I love reading others blogs and connecting to them as well.
    We need to teach others the importance on connecting to others blogs, its back linking to one another. Great job.
    Kathy Hamilton/simikathy

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Kathy and you're so right about building relationships, coonecting with other people all over the Internet and therefore the world and sharing our experiences, our tips but not forgetting to have some fun on the way.

    For those who may not know Kathy she is a great marketer with abundant skills and sound advice which she is willing to share with anyone who takes the time to contact her. Catch her on Viral Networks - just seacrh for her username simikathy



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