Friday, 19 December 2008

Churn Milk Joan found on Midgley Moor...

Hello y'all

Today, I just wanted to tell you how I came across Churn Milk Joan last week on the remote and bleak Midgley Moor! What was she doing there and was she OK?

PLUS:- a brand new List-Builder launched last Wednesday that's really making big waves! You're gonna love this one. Very topical name apart from it's dynamic promo tools!

But first:-
Thanks to everyone who posted comments, skyped, emailed me and twittered about my last post where I talked about turning your blog into a veritable money-maker.

It's obvious that many of you would like more of the same so my next post will feature more tips and tricks on this subject.

An integral part of running a successful monetized blog is getting people to it in the first place, so we'll still be looking at list-builders and the odd traffic-exchange that particularly shines, along with lots of other methods that I use too. So... it's all coming soon!

A Walk around Luddenden Foot
A week last Thursday (Dec 11) saw us driving up to our friends who live on a hillside at Luddenden, West Yorkshire for a few days walking, talking and drinking!

Friday started cold but sunny so the 4 of us headed out for a trek above the Calder valley through a lovely dingly dell of a village called Luddenden Foot and then up to, but not quite on, the high moorland.

It was a great 3 hour trek culminating at a pub. And you won't believe the name of this establishment (you'll know how I just love quaint old names - remember Lumbutts and Mankinholes?!) - it's called:-

You see! I knew you wouldn't believe me but there's the pub sign to prove it! A well known pub in West Yorkshire it doesn't take much working out to see it's a derivative of The Cat In The Well but if you say it exactly as the sign suggests (and it's alittle tricky - pause for several attempts!) you'll be an immediate friend of any Yorkshirite you come across!

It's a great pub for Pie & Peas and a good Yorkshire pint or two - or three!

I learnt something about Pie & Peas on that day that I hadn't come across before: Yorkshire Pie & Peas consist of proper cooked mushy peas (if you're outside the UK I'm not sure you'll know about mushy peas) but the pie is a hot Pork Pie.

Now, where I come from in Leicestershire - the home of the universally famous Melton Mowbray Pork Pie we would never think of even warming a Pork Pie let alone heating it right through and tipping a humongous amount of mushy peas all over it - but you know what? It was delicious and at just £3 was a rare treat! A lovely log fire to sit around made for a perfect end to our walk in the wilds of Yorkshire.

Churn Milk Joan
So who is she and what is it all about? Well... the day after the aforesaid walk I decided to trek out on my own as the others had things to do and places to go so Friday saw me heading down to the sylvan woods and river at Luddenden Foot and then after about a 2 hour pull up the hills I eventually arrived at the bleak and very cold Midgley Moor with no-one around anywhere, oh - apart from a female fell runner who suddenly appeared before me like a strange but fast-moving peat-sodden apparition - or maybe that's what it was. I didn't see anyone else for the rest of the day!

I was following a part of the Calderdale Way which runs along the edge of the moor when I decided to trek right across this desolate place to reach the other side of the moor and take a look down at another valley. Then there she was! Or at least a sign!

Churn Milk Joan I discovered on my return goes back about 200 years and was the name given to a Yorkshire lass who lived on her own high on the Pennine hills above the Calder valley.

Nearby stands a 7 foot tall weathered stone pillar. The top is slightly hollowed. (Sorry but the pic I took didn't work out).

The local story is that farmers used to leave their milk churns here for local folk to help themselves and they would leave money in the top of the pillar. This stone was subsequently named Churn Milk Joan in respect for said lass who apparently froze to death on this spot, but it was probably originally erected in the 16th century as a boundary marker.

The name lives on and so does the offering of money as you're supposed to reach up to the top of the pillar and remove the coins that should be there in its hollow, replacing them with some of your own. Sadly, I didn't discover this till my return but next time I'm up on Midgley Moor I'll make sure a few spare pennies go with me so that I join in and continue this fine centuries-old tradition!

But there's more - spookily more!
The stone alledgedly turns around 3 times at midnight each New Years Eve just as the village of Mytholmroyd, way down in the valley, resounds to the peel of St Michael's Church bells. Not sure how many people would make the climb that late at night and right up there on this inhospitable moor to see if was true! But anyway if you're keen let me know!

So that's the story of Churn Milk Joan and how she came to be there.

And now to business...

New UK Based List-Builder stands for fame and for fortune
Launched on Wednesday (Dec 17) you might think "hang on, why is Paul recommending this when he can't possibly have had time to properly review it for us?" And you're right! I would normally run a test for around 3 or 4 weeks before I can establish whether a particular list-builder is working for me - in fact in the case of my previous post featuring Revenue Magic it was getting on for around 2 months before it saw the light of day on this blog.

Fact is I could see this one was going to be a winner before I joined. Why? Well... although it's not so different to a few other list-builders I could see it has terrific potential. Its biggest strength is the solo email option.

It's a simple tried-and-tested approach:

As a member you agree to receive a few member emails (10 per day), you read them, click a link and get a whopping 250 credits added to your account (2500 per day). Credits are then used in a variety of ways (including solo email to members) to advertise your own website or blog.

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What's really great is that although the membership is low at the moment - it's highly responsive. When I joined there were only 175 members and my first solo ad (which you can run daily) brought 59 clicks and 5 new prospects who are now looking at my primary business

So, all in all it's looking pretty good and for Free PRO membership it's one of the best offers out there but it's best to get in quick so I would recommend you hop on board today and take a look around. The name? I said it was topical (here in the UK anyway):- X-Factor Ads.

Click the banner to join for free today as a PRO member but spend just $10 and get a big bundle of promo options on top!

Catch you all soon


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