Monday, 10 November 2008

New kid on block sees off competition...

Whilst enjoying a few days break in a Yurt on a remote Welsh hillside something really different happened - and I nearly missed it!

Rather than bog down the blog with my spare-time shindigs you can read all about my and Pam's experience in the Dyfi Forest miles away from any hint of civilisation in a brand new blog I've just set up. Read about our encounter with a Devil's Coach-Horse here too!

I get loads of feedback from people who like to follow our trips and ventures and thought it would be best to try to keep this separate from the main point of this particular blog which is to test and review different ways of driving fresh targeted traffic to your websites.

So... to read about our latest adventure please click here You can pop back to this blog afterwards to catch up on the 'New kid on block' post.


On our return from said adventure I wound up the laptop to catch up on emails and blog posts etc and was surprised to find a link from a friend of mine who was promoting a brand new list-builder. When I clicked his link, for the first time in weeks, I was left refreshingly amazed. A new site and program had been created that was so simple and yet so potentially effective I just had to join and test it out straightaway.

My amazement soon switched to absolute glee! I was going to join as a free member but although I don't normally respond to 'One-Time-Offers' I felt I just had to on this occasion and immediately took the Silver Membership option and I'm so glad I did!

Within 6 days I had JUMPED ahead of everyone else in the program, got my Silver Membership payment back and in one day only added 25 new subscribers to my list!

Result! In fact - amazing result! This happened right out of the blue when I was still testing 3 other list-builders for review. So this has JUMPED ahead of them all. And there's a clue there.

I'm now in a position to email around 2000 random members every 3 days and the results so far are staggering. Membership is growing by several hundred every day which is quite phenomenal.

What it does

It's a List-builder that you can use to email your promotions to within the community. Nothing new about that. You earn points for reading emails sent out by others. Nothing new about that either. BUT... what IS different is you can use your points to jump up the list of members so your email goes out to more people each time you jump up!

If you don't quite follow what I mean here just take a look - I think you'll find it very refreshing too. It's a brand new concept and one that will take some beating! It's easy to understand and even easier to implement. Simple and straightforward stuff.

How I Use it

My recommendation is to take the Silver Membership offered on sign-up (it costs more if you take it later). After that you'll be offered Gold Membership but my advice is to stay at Silver at least for the time being. Gold allows you to email the whole network but that's not much more than you get as a Silver member at the moment (up to 2000 every 3 days). So I'll wait until the membership grows to around 10,000 (which won't be long I'm sure) before upgrading from Silver to Gold. So... go for Silver now and upgrade to Gold later would be my recommendation.

This, by the way, is so new they haven't any promo banners available yet so it's just a link:-

Join List Jumper To-day

Jump in now whilst the water's still cold!

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