Sunday, 2 November 2008

Eccles Parlour, Lumbutts and...

Mankinholes! No idea what I'm talking about? Well before I go on to my latest traffic review report I know many of you follow my rambles on rambling! Walks in the hills etc.

Well, last week saw us in West Yorkshire (England for those who don't know) for a few days staying at our friends house on the hillside at a place called 'Luddendenfoot' which is next to a village called 'Friendly'! Honest! You couldn't possibly make this up! The great thing about Friendly is the Fish & Chip shop with the board outside proudly announcing Friendly Fish and Chappy Chips! I always want to add Pally Peas!

Anyway, we were due to do a walk or two - the 4 of us - but Gary went down with a bad cold and didn't feel much like doing anything, so the girls promptly decided, for reasons that still escape me, that this was a grand opportunity to go on a 3-day shopping spree. Me? Don't do shopping! Don't do cities! Don't do hassle! So I took out my 1:25,000 scale maps of the area and soon decided on walking the Calderdale Way which is a recognised long-distance circular path of 50 miles.

Deciding to take it as leisurely as possible I walked half of it - 25 miles - in 3 days and it was fantastic. The scenery was delightful, the weather cold but sunny and the route fairly well marked and reasonably easy to negotiate. The Calderdale Way keeps to the 'tops' as far as possible which makes for fabulous photo opportunities. I'll email you all a link for a short slide show when I've gone through the download and editing session. There are some quite spectacular shots.

I've walked quite a lot in the area before and it never ceases to amaze me the unusual but often quaint names of the villages and hamlets that you come across and you just can't help wondering who dreamt them up - hence the title:- Lumbutts and Mankinholes are neighbouring villages whilst 'Eccles Parlour' was just a sign I walked past high up near the moors.

Even my Yorkshire friends hadn't heard of this and it's certainly not on the map. There were just a couple of houses nearby so I can only imagine it's the name given to this tiny hamlet.

Talking of 'delightful' the third day of my half-circuit ended at Blackshaw Head. I was met here by my back-up team - Gary, flushed with Night Nurse cold remedy, and the girls flushed with retail success - who duly collected me and drove the few yards up the road to a small village called 'New Delight' and an old pub resplendent with a very warm log-fire welcome called 'The New Delight Inn'. It's just brilliant isn't it?!

These names just absolutely fascinate me! That's me closest to the fire! Well... I was the coldest!

Next week by the way, as a celebration of a milestone birthday (a scary one!) Pam has planned a couple of days and nights staying in a Yurt somewhere in a Welsh forest with no-one or nothing else around for several miles. A Yurt by the way, I'm given to understand, is a large circular tent used widely by Mongolian mountain villagers.

There's no electricity and no hot water, but there is a spring nearby and a log fire in the Yurt. With temperatures set to hover around the freezing point it should be quite cosy!

I honestly can't believe Pam has organised this as living in a tent with no facilities to use her hair dryer (something that normally accompanies her everywhere she goes) is about as far removed from what she would call 'fun' as can possibly be. But I think it'll be great and I just think she's brilliant for making all the luxury sacrifices she's about to (and some she perhaps doesn't even know about yet!).

Anyway, I'll send you a quick report on our return.

Down to business!
After the deluge of web traffic programs that many of you kindly sent me - thanks again to all who participated - there were only one or two that produced results by bringing new targeted prospects into my list using the 'One Ball Less And No Lucky Stars To Match' eBook as my bench mark. There are, however, a couple of promising ones that I'm still testing so I will be posting on at least one of them shortly or maybe both. As you know these list-builders usually only see the light of day here if they have proved their worth and have brought and continue to bring good results. So more of this soon.

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What rocks your boat?
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Catch you all again soon and don't forget to add any comments you have about walks and list-builders.


  1. Hi Paul

    Walking this time of year is brilliant (providing it's dry) and you look to have a had a great time.

    Good list of sites, and great to see listbandit is still giving you results.


  2. Hi Andrew - good to hear from you again. Yes - List Bandit is still one of my favourites and it still helps to build my list on a daily basis. And the walking? You're so right - Autumn is the best season - rain or shine.

  3. Hi Andrew and Paul, you're both absolutely right - walking this time of year is fantastic! By the way Andrew, we're just down the road from Pitlochry, and the sky and frost today is amazing. The mountains are thick with snow too. Brilliant!

    Paul Hardingham



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