Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Top 3 and an apology...

One of the great things about being your own boss, as I discovered many years ago, is the abject pleasure of making your own decision about what to do each day, which for me quite often is based on the weather.

So, if it's raining heavily, I switch the laptop on and do a couple of hours 'work'. If, however, the sun's shining then I often pack a lunch, make a flask of tea and head out for a days' walking in the Shropshire countryside (a large county in the UK by the way for anyone outside the UK who may not have heard of it).

Now... I'm not averse to a walk in the rain but I'd rather not do it for 5 or 6 hours! And that's about the length of an average walk for me although I have been known to do much longer treks, like the one I did a few years back when I left the house and didn't come back for 3 days! But that's another story and could be one of the reasons why I'm no longer married!

The point is I can choose what to do each day and just I love that aspect of my time-freedom!

Anyway... today was one of those warm, sunny autumnal days that I find quite delightful so I headed out - in shorts - don't you know - in October, for a solo trek through the woods kicking the fallen leaves, across the fields picking wild mushrooms, over the hills and valley's taking pics all the way until I eventually found myself at a nice remote little pub with just 30 minutes before closing time. I sat in the garden further enjoying the sunshine and a pint of Marston's Mild and ruminating on what my next blog post would be.

It didn't take long. I suddenly realised I'd been a little remiss! And for that I want to apologise to everyone who follows my list-building reviews. I've been reporting back to you my findings on what's great about list-building sites and making my recommendations, but I've missed a fundamental issue - I haven't told you which one's perform best! So...


You may or may not know but the list-building programmes I test and review that don't come up to scratch (i.e. those that bring in few or zero prospects to my list) never make this blog. Only those that bring a decent response get to see the light of day here. But... the thing is how do you know which are performing best?

So let me address that right now:-

First allow me to briefly explain my set-up: I use Aweber as a storage facility, autoresponder and follow-up. But I can also run reports and analyse my results. I have many lists within my account but the one I'm using for this analysis is a list I call 'One Ball' - if you've entered your details in the little form top right on this blog that's where you end up - in my 'One Ball' list! Let me hastily explain this has nothing at all to do with a deficiency in any male's vital anatomy! It's an abbreviation for my eBook 'One Ball Less & No Lucky Stars To Match'.

So... having fired-up a quick report these are the three list-builders that are performing best in that particular bench-mark list and represent the number of new subscribed prospects entering my 'One Ball' list over the last few days.

#1 List Auction 30
#2 List Bandit 21
#3 List Joe 17

So - the message I reckon is clear: If you're looking to add more people to your prospect list then these are the 3 programs you should be concentrating on. My recommendation would be to join all 3 (and I know many of you are already in all 3) and if you can afford to - I would strongly recommend you join at the highest level to maximise your efforts.

If you don't yet use an autoresponder (you can't build an online list and keep in touch with everyone on it without) I can certainly vouch for Aweber They've been around for over 10 years, yet they never stand still. They're always looking at new and innovative ideas to improve performance and their online training and support system is just the tops. Highly reommended and used by most of the top Internet Marketing guru's

To join the Top 3 simply click each banner in turn, open an account (you can join each for free initially if you wish) and take a good look around each site - they are currently simply the best!

And don't forget, joining at the highest level will bring the greatest results.

Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.

If you have any questions or comments about this post or list-building in general please use the comment facility below.

Catch up with you all soon...


  1. Which pub did you find that still sells mild? I go in loads travelling around and hardly ever see it. Glad to see you like walking. Cant beat a walking or cycling booze cruise.
    Do you know any mild selling pubs in the Chester direction. E.mail me if you have time.

  2. Pubs selling Mild are few and far between I've discovered. I walked into a local near me last weekend and asked if they had Mild and the lad behind the bar looked at my rather oddly and said 'Mild what?'.

    Don't know about Chester wudbskibum but the Mayson's Arms at Kemberton definitely has! Let me know if you or anyone else is ever in the area - we'll meet up for one of the best pints around!

  3. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am in your downline, at E-lottery, as Lottobooster, and always read your blog posts etc. and am currently following and passing on some of your list building ideas.
    Have started using listauction to promote one or two programs, with some success, and will probably go on to instant squeeze pages soon.
    I am from Chester but am currently in East Anglia, butget up when I can.
    The idea of having a pint of mild together is very appealing, and youcould put me straight on this internet marketing lark.
    Though i might be overawed.



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