Monday, 29 September 2008

Review Update

Thanks to everyone who responded to an email I sent out just yesterday which requested your links for List-Building programs that I could join under and review for this blog.

Unfortunately, many people took this to be an invitation to invite me into their biz opp and in some cases many biz opps! I was bombarded with all sorts of weird and wonderful offers - needless to say none of which I'll be taking up!

However, some real good stuff has come out of this and there are 4 list-builders that I'm testing as we speak. Special thanks to Nick DelNero for being the first to invite me to take a look at his list-builder (there were many others with the same but Nick was in there first just minutes after the email went out).

The idea revolves around a little widget which puts an ad panel on your websites, affiliate sites and blogs.

It's a bit like 'Instant Buzz' but better because you don't have to insert HTML code into your websites, so it works even if you don't have access to the source which makes it perfect for affiliate sites!

There's something else though that's really different and I have to say it's a very interesting and as far as I'm aware unique concept. It certainly made me sit up and think of all the endless promotional possibilities that it offers!

Anyway, this particular program was only launched last Tuesday and it's obvious that people who join now will take much more from it as the membership grows. So I'm sort of recommending this without much of a test as yet but as it's free I guess there's only gain to be had and I thought you'd want the heads up to take advantage of early membership.

Click the banner to join now and see what else this has to offer. Certainly worth a little delve:-

Click here to get Web Traffic Juggernaut

And thanks again Nick!

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