Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Social Marketing now rocks!

Social Marketing was a phrase that I came up with at an e-lottery leadership meeting a couple of years ago. I'm not saying I invented the phrase but when it popped out au natural during a conversation around the table people were saying 'Yes! That's it!' Social Networking and Network Marketing combined! Makes sense!'.

I'm sure it was used before then but that's not what I'm blogging about today. What we all realised at that meeting was that the Internet opens up many Network Marketing ventures to a global audience. Apply that concept to online Social Networking and you have a viral tool that has the potential to surpass any other prospect-building system out there!

Problem is - the likes of MySpace, Bebo, Facebook etc don't really cut the mustard for us. They don't even open the jar! Why? Because most members just use them for sharing mindless tittle-tattle. I'm not saying they don't hold a purpose - clearly they do - it's just that I don't get it! And I've never found a way to put my business in front of the millions of members.

Then there are the so-called Business Networks where you join and are then emailed or messaged by scores of people trying to pull you into their own business, so that rarely works either. Members just promote and no-one buys! Dead ducks and rotting cabbage!

So... when I was introduced to a refreshing new network that looks different, feels different and clearly is very different I stopped and spent some time looking around what it offered. And all I can say is that it certainly has the WOW factor! The 7 things that made me stop and delve were:-

  1. Powerful intro video
  2. Ability to earn credits and cash
  3. Dynamic list-building facility
  4. Chance to meet and talk with REAL like-minded people
  5. The idea is to SHARE our businesses with others - not SELL it!
  6. Introductory FREE competition (you should see the prizes!)
  7. It's FREE to join!
So... I joined straightaway!

Now I don't normally recommend new traffic-building programs until I've had time to test them out thoroughly and it's at that stage that most are dumped as being unworkable and my list-building colleagues (i.e. you!) never get to hear about them from me, but this is so different, so much more than a list-building machine and so important that you join at this - it's embryo pre-launch stage - that I had to dash this blogpost out within minutes of joining.

I would urge everyone reading this now to join (free, don't forget) if you really want to move upwards with your online business - whatever it is. I'm convinced that this is going to be massive and you would be joining at exactly the right time!

Just click the banner and join for free today!


It takes just a few seconds to register and I would highly recommend spending a few minutes exploring what this can do for your list-building efforts and the growth of your business. Highly professional website and concept that really does open the jar and cut the mustard!

Catch you later...

1 comment:

  1. Great post Paul
    Social marketing is going to be huge down the road, I signed in to VN a while ago!

    I came by your blog after listening to you last night.. I really enjoyed your presentation having been using InstantMLMSqueezePages and Aweber for a while it all made great sense :-)



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