Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The List Auction

I just love List-Builders! Don't you?

They work because as a member you agree to receive a small number of other members emails and you get paid credits for clicking through to the their websites. These credits are then spent to send your emails to other members. Simple system that works really well.

They are, in fact, one of the reasons for my success in Internet Marketing and I've been using several for some years now. The one I want to mention today I've been testing for 3 weeks now and the results are nothing short of phenomenal.

I've been using it to bring new prospects into my Aweber List at the average rate of 5 per day. Not many you say but they are 100% targeted leads. I'm using 'Instant MLM Squeeze Pages' (see previous post) as the mechanism to drive people into my list and this combination works just brilliant.

Unusually for me, I joined as a free member but after a few days I realised I was missing out on so much so I upgraded to GOLD and made my one-off payment (I'm not keen on monthly subscriptions) and I was immediately able to email 4500 random List Auction members and I am now doing this every 3 days, sending around 150 people to my e-lottery business every day! PHEW!!!

What it does

Like practically all List-Builders you can email a certain number of its members on a regular basis. Fact is many people join and then don't bother to use the facility as much as they ought. Which is a crying shame and a complete waste of money!

I realised many years ago that if you want to be successful in any Internet Marketing venture you need a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) and that's what I do. Every day, I check all the list-builders I use and send my emails out to as many as I'm allowed when I'm allowed. Some are so many per week, or every 3 days or daily depending on the program.

If you're using List-Builders to get people into your own list or to simply send people to your affiliate or own website I recommend you pay for the highest option - use it effectively and it will pay you back many times over and handsomely!

But List Auction is so much more than just another List-Builder!

Apart from the facility to email 3000 members every 3 days (as a GOLD member don't forget! As a free member you can only send 500 every 7 days), you can also use Downline Ads, Featured Ads (very useful extra which once set just keeps running), Top Mail Ads (where your ad appears at the top of emails sent out by other members - VERY powerful - I like this one a lot!) and Elite Ads - where your website or squeeze page is shown as members log in and log out of the List Auction site! Fantastic!

And if that's not all you can actually bid for credits from other members or as a Gold Member auction your own credits for cash if you want to! Now that's pure genius! You've got to get in on this one - it's just magic!

Catch you all soon...

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