Sunday, 17 August 2008

Instant MLM Squeeze Pages

I was introduced to this one by someone in my e-Lottery upline whose judgement on list-building I highly respect. I've been testing the system for just a few days. I usually run trials for several weeks before I offer them here to my blog associates. But this one is so impressive after less than one week in I feel compelled to let you in on it as it is working so well.

It's a new program from Internet Marketing guru James Grandstaff who I've known for many years now and when James comes up with something new you can bet it's going to be nothing short of absolutely dynamic.

If you're involved (or about to be) in ANY MLM program then you will really love this.

What it does

Once you sign up (there are 3 entry levels - I chose Platinum of course to maximise the effect) you enter a few details in 4 simple steps and you then have 4 dynamic eBooks automatically branded with your chosen MLM program! These eBooks then become a viral tool in themselves.


Simultaneously, a series of squeeze pages or data capture pages as they are also called are also created linked to your own list facility within IMSP. These pages are generically created to promote ANY MLM - your MLM. The system then goes to work to keep in touch with all your prospects by a fabulous follow-up email system designed to pull people into your MLM business by the bucket load!

So once it's set up all you have to do is chose one of the designs for your squeeze page and send traffic to it. How do you get traffic? Well - you have below all the systems I use to build my e-Lottery business PLUS James also helps you out as well - so between us there are more ways to get traffic to your squeeze page to build your list than you can shake a stick at!

Try it out and see for your self - it really does work! Here's the link:-

If you have an Aweber account you can even have your leads from your IMSP squeeze page go straight there. Now - that's really impressive! Don't have an autoresponder yet? Then if you're building a list of prospects online I honestly don't know how you're doing it! Aweber is in my opinion the very best out there - and most of the Internet Marketing gurus use it - including my friend James Grandstaff!

Catch up with y'all soon!

Paul e Watts

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