Thursday, 29 November 2007

True View Traffic

Hi everyone WOW - another frantically busy week!

Almost finished painting the outside of my bungalow in Leicestershire ready for let or sale (let me know if you're looking!) but the weather is getting increasingly wet and cold over here in the UK so I'm battling against the elements at the moment!

Anyway, I'm not here to rabbit on about that stuff!

Other than daubing my fingers, toes and face with chocolate-coloured gloss paint a lot of my time has been spent on help and support for uVme - the new skill-games website coming live on Jan 21st. And is this thing rocketing or what? The global interest in this new, unique and exciting way to make money online is phenomenal!

If you're already registered (FREE by the way) then you'll know that beta-testing of the games is now in full swing and you will be given the chance to play and test the games yourself - read the constantly updated blog for details. And what a PayPlan? Have you EVER seen anything quite like this before? No..'cause it's never been done before! And if you're not into playing games online - it really doesn't matter - the business side of this is awesome! Did Richard Branson ever drive a train or fly a plane?

If you're one of the few budding online entrepreneurs who's not looked at this yet, then you could well b e missing out on huge commissions from Jan 21st 2008. Click Here for more info. Once registered (FREE) if you'd like to play the games and test them out (again free until Jan 21st) please contact me for an invite.

Which methods am I using to promote my uVme business? All the ones you see below plus a few more - one of which I'm going to introduce you to right now - this is True View Traffic.

I'll be honest and upfront with you here as I always am - this is not bringing the biggest of responses (ListJoe is winning on that count at the moment!) but it does bring high quality traffic simply because of the way you surf for credits. It's quite unique and I really do like it.

What it does
You'll be surfing for credits as with practically all the traffic exchanges but what is different about True View is that the ads you place you can choose to have a question added relating to your website so surfers can answer the question (which means they have to do more than just glance at your website) and earn more credits as a result. So it means more people are actually LOOKING at your website instead of merely just surfing through. I think it's great and it's so simple to set up too!

Again as with most traffic exchanges you can buy credits rather than surf for them (which is what I tend to do as results are much quicker and you don't have to spend hours surfing).

How I use it
Guess what? You got it! Pro Membership. As always you can join for free but free invariably gives you diddly squat! Pro with TrueViewTraffic really does bring quality prospects for sales / sign-ups.

They have a special 12-month offer on at the mo which dramatically reduces the cost. That's what I went for and it's definitely the best option.

Catch up with you next week!

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