Thursday, 15 November 2007

TrafficSwarm BUSTED!

What a fortnight!

Hi everyone and apologies for the delay - this is supposed to be a weekly blog update but it's been over 2 weeks now due to a number of reasons all pointing to the fact that there seem to be far more hours required in the day than the mandatory 24 allowed! It's a good job I don't have a 'proper job'!

First off I'm getting my 4-bed bungalow in Leicestershire ready for a let or sale (whichever comes first!) which necessitates a 2-day trip over there from my home in Shropshire each week and secondly we're getting ready for the soft-launch of our new skill-games platform where Associates get paid whilst others play skill-games on their own uVme website! It's an amazing concept never been done before. This is going to be massive and is set to make thousands of ordinary people all over the planet very rich. I'm convinced that millionaires will be made!

So...if you're not in yet, there are only a few days left til launch - for a limited time only you can pre-register for free! Just click here for my personal invitation.
Global Web Traffic Summary
All of the programmes featured below I use very effectively for both my uVme and my eLottery business I test lots of others, some good, some bad but once I've proved that one works well - you get to know first.

ListJoe and Your Lucky List are proving particularly effective so if you're promoting any sort of business online but are not a member of at least these two terrific list-building machines then there are a lot of sales/sign-ups you'll be missing out on! Just click on the relevant banners below to find out more and to join.

All of the others work well too of course but ListJoe and YLL at the moment are performing better than the others. All featured programmes come tried-and-tested by yours truly so if you're serious about building your online business you can confidently go for the highest upgrade . I've always found it pays to pay rather than going for the free option.

Traffic Exchanges

This week I want to introduce you to a traffic exchange that I know you will already have heard of and no doubt already a member of but I've put a little bit of a slant on this which virtually forces an extra 60,000 credits into your account each month. The programme is one of the oldest around and is of course TrafficSwarm BUT a piece of software that I developed a couple of years ago helps me and now many others to create masses of extra credits than we would normally enjoy - and more credits means more exposures of our ads.

Best news is I'm giving this software away and it doesn't even matter whether you're already a TrafficSwarm member or not - it's yours FREE just by visiting my dedicated webpage:-

TrafficSwarm BUSTED!

Catch up with you next week - there's a lot more to come in the way of website promo. Don't forget to subscribe to this blog to ensure you don't miss anything!

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