Thursday, 18 October 2007

I love Joe!

ListJoe that is!

This is my favourite out of the freshly-tested List-Builders and has proved to be successful with my little sideline I mentioned to you last week:- Click For More Info So, definitely worth adding to your portfolio.

By the way I go to all these List-Builders every day and mail out as soon as I can. ListJoe is another programme that allows you to email every 3 days. It's a little different in that you can add your other List-Builders to it so that your ListJoe downline can easily join your other list-builders and traffic exchanges. Novel idea and seems to work very well. Highly recommended

Click here to build multiple mailing lists for free.

What it does
As a Gold Joe Member you can email to 3,000 members every 3 days. You can add to this just by simply reading a few emails each day. You don't have to but it does increase your mailing list. You even get an email from ListJoe admin to remind you it's time to send another mailing! Excellent!

How I use it
Guess what level I joned at? You got it:- Gold Joe Membership! It's the best and you enjoy all the facilities including loads of free downloads. This one flies - don't miss it!

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