Friday, 12 October 2007

Steady flow of traffic...

Hi everyone

I've said this many times before if you want sales or sign-ups to your business you HAVE to invest a little money in order to reap success. There are loads of ways you can get 'traffic' to your website for free but in my experience free doesn't work - at least not on a big enough scale to make a difference to your lifestyle anyway! So be prepared to invest in the systems that I bring to you each week safe in the knowledge that they've all been tested and now used regularly by yours truly. You will only get to hear of the stuff that works for me and there's no reason why they shouldn't work for you too!

This week's recommendation is something I would not usually pass on!

Why? Well...because it's fundamentally a SafeList and this type of traffic-generator along with FFA's (Free For All) are not systems that normally float my boat I'm afraid. However, I was inspired by a fellow webmaster to try this one out, and with some trepidation I did and I'm so pleased I did too!

This one is totally legit with full anti-spam measure built in and I now use it regularly especially for my 'Turn your PC into a Virtual ATM' sideline which incidentally has generated a profit for me of over $1200 in just 9 days - and so simple to set up too! And the List-Builder I want to present to you today has been and continues to be a part of that success story.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

What it does
You can email your ad to 72,000 members every 48 hours and there is absolutely never any danger of being classed a spammer as all email addresses have to be fully verified and everyone doing so agrees to receive emails. In fact you're paid credits to read other emails (although you don't have to use this facility - I don't).

How I use it
I joined as Pro Member and was immediately able to email no less than 72,000 people within the fully opt-in list using their servers. I do this every 48 hours and it works - I enjoy regular sales to my 'Turn your PC into a Virtual ATM' sideline every time I use it. I will shortly be testing it out on my Lottery eBook soon too.

Catch up with you next week

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