Friday, 11 March 2011

Pyjama income...

Hi everyone...

I know this isn't for everyone especially those out to make a quick buck or two but while you're doing that why not add this little income generator to your portfolio? It's free to join, it's not time-consuming, you don't have to sell anything, there's no recruiting, no team-building, it's not gambling, it's not illegal, it's not one of those dubious HYIP thingies - it's just very ingenious!

Allow me to reiterate: you don't have to recruit others to make money unlike many online so-called money-making machines! You can recruit if you want but the biz doesn't rely on that, so me telling you about it here isn't going to make me anywhere near rich anytime soon! That's NOT what this is about. I mention it here merely because as a follower of this blog, and therefore interested in making money online, I think it could be very useful to you.

So... what is it?

Well, some of you reading this will already know what I'm talking about as you followed my recommendation a couple of weeks back and I know for a fact that many of those who joined are already making a little bit of an income (some daily) and it will grow. There are members quietly making a couple of grand (USD) every month. Now, let me be completely honest, genuine and up-front here; no-one is likely to make a vast fortune out of this but if you're looking for a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand dollars extra each month then why not give this a try?

Join for free and start earning today, then continually invest your earnings  and cash out when you're ready - daily if you want! Yes - it's instant payout into your PayPal, AlertPay or Neteller account.

It takes time, it's a slow burner but the potential is excellent. It's clean. It's tidy and easy to understand. And again... this has nothing to do with gambling, it's not MLM and you're selling NOTHING! And although there are other similar new kids on the block I've done my due diligence and this one is definitely the best out there with around $40 million paid out to its members in just 3 years.

So if you're not already in what I'm calling the Pyjama Income why not join for free and try it for a few weeks, which means you need to go the site every day for just a few minutes and make a few clicks. That's it for starters. As you try it out, you'll no doubt see the much bigger picture, and like me a little light may go on inside your head and there'll be a 'hang-on-a-minute-moment!'

If you need any help based on what I've learnt so far just drop a comment below. Just check out what the RR's are all about - it's pretty damn clever!

PS. Someone has already asked if I could start a blog just for Pyjama Income members. I'm considering this but would only share my strategies with followers of this blog who have joined me but what do you think? Would it be useful? We could share our ideas and success stories exclusively on the new blog. And what about a name for it? Any suggestions?

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