Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pam and her girlfriends...

Hi everyone,

Just a brief note to let you know what Pam and her girlfriends are up to but first just a very quick word about my last post:-

Had an amazing response to what I call Pyjama Income with many guys and gals following my recommendation by joining for free and I hear some are already pulling in small but daily $$$'s into their accounts which are instantly withdrawable into their PayPal accounts. What most of us do, however, is reinvest to build our business and reap much higher benefits in the coming weeks, months and years!

Personally I think it's a great little online business that requires just 5 minutes 'work' (hardly work!) each day to start the income roll. One of the biggest benefits is that you don't have to recruit or refer others to make money (which is quite refreshing these days!). It's just a very simple daily process that literally anyone can do (what's the attention span of your cat by the way?!).

Joking apart, why not just take a look at this 3-year old business that has already paid out nearly $40 million to its members? Join for free and start bringing in small $$$ amounts to prove to yourself that it works...

clickety click... Pyjama Income

Pam and her girlfriends...

In these days of hard recession the art of making money becomes more of a challenge. Many of you will know, or will have heard of, my partner Pam, who is a bit of an entrepreneur in her own right and just last Friday along with a couple of her girlfriends joined a brand new online business based in Spain.

She's looking for 2 or 3 people to work with (guys or gals).

It's just the right time to join too as it's in prelaunch but even so, two of her friends have already made several hundred dollars in just one week so it seems to be working!

Now... I have to confess I know very little about this but if you're interested and a $50 investment doesn't present too much of a challenge (especially when you can quadruple it or more in a few days) then please get in touch with Pam direct. She'll be very pleased to hear from you - email, text, phone or skype for more info:-

+447799 644 191 (mobile)
pamgreenwood (skype)

Pam tells me the $50 purchase is shortly to increase when it all goes live so if interested best get in touch with her before it goes up.

Catch you all soon...

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