Thursday, 27 September 2007

Send 60,000 legitimate emails EVERY month!

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It's Thursday so here's the next of my traffic generators in the series.

What it does
This is still one of favourite List Builders. After being a member for almost 2 years it still brings me consistent, quality, targeted traffic and as a result I've made a lot of money by simply using this system. Created by one of the world's most highly regarded and savvy Internet Marketers - Gary Ambrose.

How I use it
If you seriously want high quality people visiting your site you just have to use YLL and the only way to make it really fly is to join as a Diamond Member. You have to pay - just a small one-off fee - but it's certainly worth it! As with most list-builders you can join for free but the response you get is likely to be neglible.

I joined as a Diamond Member when I first visited the site and was immediately able to send 1000 emails to genuinely interested parties every 3 days. This has now stepped up to around 60,000 each month! Incredible. I get sign-ups for my business every time I use it!

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