Friday, 21 January 2011

Money-making ideas

Hello all...

As the new year opens up many of us have had time to stop, reflect and perhaps wonder where our lives are going and what we can do to increase our incomes in the forthcoming economically-challenged year. The first week in January saw a deluge of emails and a number of phone calls coming in from past contacts asking me how I make my money and what advice I can give.

I answered each one individually and then, as similar enquiries continued to trickle in, I thought it might be better to post a short blog article showing people the various income streams that I use to bring in a supportable income each and every month. If this article helps others to increase their monthly incomes then I'll be a very happy bunny! After all, even a couple of hundred extra each month helps most of us doesn't it?

So... here goes:-

NB: Each one is a genuine business bringing me a true monthly income. None of these are things I'm testing out. They are already working for me and some have been for many years. However, I make no apology for starting with a new one as money is already building nicely in my account in its first month.

1) A new lottery company kicked off the New Year with quite a storm using national TV advertising starting in Scotland. I was one of the first affiliates to join thanks to my very good friends in Worcestershire who have been actively helping the company to set up the affiliate side. It's very impressive with a solid business foundation based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. (Open to all countries except USA). I've recently been using a FUN way of promoting using FaceBook:- "Who wants to share my 27 million win on the lottery?"

2) This one is something I've been involved with since 2001. It's only available to UK residents but it's one that I worked on just for a few months when I first joined yet it still brings in a regular monthly income. Many of my UK contacts are already members but if you're reading this and you're in the UK and you're not already in you might want to claim your free information pack but make sure you watch the short video first.

3) Another that I joined in the year 2000, again, still brings in a regular monthly income although I haven't been actively working it for many years. This one is open to all countries and it appears to be as successful now as it was back in 2000. Get started for free

And now for something completely different: For many years now I've been investigating and creating multiple income streams which takes me down many interesting routes. One that I'm currently exploring is totally offline and potentially very exciting. Ever fancied working as a Film or TV Extra? I've joined Casting Now just to explore the possibilities - for as little as £6.99 per month you can get your name in front of thousands of casting directors. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of roles either. If you're in the UK and interested, no experience is necessary, and it might just open up an entirely new income stream for you. Go to and enter the Promotional Code paulewatts on the payment page to get 10% discount.

Have fun and catch you all very shortly...

Paul e Watts

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